We Need Your Help....

As a non-profit organisation, Ark of Life depends upon donations and grants in order to expand our work to protect imperilled plant and animal species.

All personel involved in Ark of Life contribute their time and effort as non-paid volunteers. Every penny of funds that we recieve goes to expanding Ark of Life to save further plants and animals from extinction.

If you like the work that Ark of Life is undertaking, please consider supporting us by a donation of funds of any amount, to help us establish new arks of life to stop extinction.

Donations can be received directly through the following PayPal payment form below. 

All donors may choose to be either acknowledged publically on the "Thank You to Donors" page of this site, or to remain anonymous.

Alternatively, if you culture any of the imperilled plants or animals which we are trying to save from extinction, please consider donating accessions to help our goal to conserving the biodiversity of life that is extinct (or nearly extinct) in the wild.

Whatever your support, I offer my sincere thanks, 

Stewart McPherson

Stewart McPherson, founder of Ark of Life, undertaking research in the Guiana Highlands.