Drosera slackii gets its name from the Greek word drosos, meaning dew, while the second part of its name honors Adrian Slack, a famous British carnivorous plant expert.

D. slackii is a temperate perennial plant, found only in peaty wetlands in the Kleinriviersberg mountains and Southern Kogelberg area South-east of Cape Town.

The plant forms a flat rosette up to 8 cm across. Over time a small stem can be formed as new rosettes grow on top of last year’s growth.

The leaves are narrowly wedge-shaped with two flared edges that give them their distinct shape.

Flowers are 2,5 cm across, dark pink and grow from a scape up to 40 cm tall. In rare cases a second scape is formed. The scape is densely covered with red, short stalked glands.

Cultivation is easy. The plant requires a deep pot and a peat based mixture. Provided with enough water and plenty of sun it will grow easily.

As the plant is not common and restricted to a specific area it is of paramount importance that all lineages of D. slackii are retained in cultivation and propagated to preserve the genetic variation of this species. If you grow distinct strains of know origin of D. slackii that are not in the Rare South African carnivorous plants Collection, and are willing to donate or sell plants, cuttings or seeds of legally cultivated plants to Ark of Life, please contact the team through the contact page of this website.

If you cultivate D. slackii, but are unable to contribute material to the Rare South African carnivorous plants Collection, however would still like to help save this species, please register your plants with Ark of Life, so that we can develop a breeding program and record all different location forms of this endangered plant in cultivation.