We Need Your Help...

Ark of Life is a brand new initiative. Our first Ark of Life (the Rare Nepenthes Collection) has already proved a resounding success, and will serve as a permanent safeguard to ensure several extinct-in-the-wild pitcher plants will be saved from complete extinction worldwide.

Over 2011, we aim to expand the Ark of Life model to protect and preserve other groups of imperilled plant and animals. Of particular focus, we would like to establish collections to conserve all CITES II Sarracenia (S. oreophilaS. rubra ssp. alabamensis and S. rubra ssp. jonesii), Drosera regia, N. bokorensis, N. mirabilis var. echinostoma, the pure black and elongated variants of N. rafflesiana, Roridula dentata and R. gorgonia

Are you (or is the institution you represent) interested to help as a partner to host ark collections of these plants, or can you help organise the establishment of these arks of life? Or, do you know of further animal or plant groups that are threatened with extinction and need to be conserved through an organised ex-situ approach? 

If so, we need you! Please contact the Ark of Life team through the contact page of this website.


Together, we can stop extinction and save life on earth.