ARk of life


The Management Team of Ark of Life consists of the following individuals.

Stewart McPherson

Stewart McPherson

Project Leader & Co-Founder
Stewart is an award-winning author of natural history books, and presenter of numerous wildlife documentaries broadcast on the BBC and internationally. He has written more than thirty books on carnivorous plants and co-named over thirty five new taxa of carnivorous plants. Stewart has also raised and directly donated more than £30,000 for conservation causes. He has received international awards for his conservation work, including most recently, the IUCN David Given Award for Excellence in Plant Conservation. He studied geography at Durham University, England.
John van Werf

John van der Werf

John graduated from the Hogeschool Rotterdam with a BSC degree in Biochemistry. By profession he works as microbiological researcher and lab technician. He has been growing carnivorous plants from the early 1980’s, with a particular interest in Australian Drosera. He is currently President of Carnivora, the Dutch Carnivorous Plant Society and oversees the Ark of Life Nepenthes collection at Hortus Botanicus Leiden.
Tim Bailey

Tim Bailey

Tim is a graduate of Plymouth University with BSc (Hons) Degree in Environmental Science and is a Chartered Waste Manager and a Chartered Environmentalist. By profession he is a National Senior Advisor for the Environment Agency’s Environment & Business Team (Intensive Farming Strategic Advice). He has grown carnivorous plants since 1981, with an interest in Sarracenia, Dionaea, aquatic Utricularia and Nepenthes. He is a passionate champion of sustainable and peat free cultivation of carnivorous plants, and is the author of three carnivorous plant books. He is a former Journal Editor and Chairman of The Carnivorous Plant Society.
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